X2 Baseball is an elite baseball training facility located in Concord, NC. Founded by Luke Hagerty in 2009, X2 Baseball provides elite development across all ages and skill levels. Our facility utilizes top notch equipment and technology, including but not limited to, Rapsodo & VBT Speed4Lifts to best analyze the athlete's strengths and weaknesses.  Our training can be done in person or online through our Remote Training program. The goal here at X2 is to not only create great athletes but to also create great humans moving forward. Come train where the pros train and get better every day!

Program Overview


 A huge component to success on and off the field, our athletes get custom lifting plans based on their assessment data, physical makeup and skill level. 


After high speed video analysis, each athlete has a custom throwing plan based on current goals, arm health, fitness and yearly playing schedule to maximize health and development.

Data Measurement

Tools such as Stalker Pro Sport II, Rapsodo and VBT Speed4Lifts training gives our trainers accurate data and feedback to make informed adjustments.


Restoring range of motion is critical to arm health and endurance. Our mobility and warm up routines help each athlete attack their weakness and maintain arm and body fitness. 


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We use TRAQ software to upload our athlete's program and also to record throwing and lifting data to analyze and track their progress. 



X2 trainers provide top notch instruction and analysis for every athlete, regardless of your age or skill level. From in season maintenance to off-season strength development, our programs are specifically built for each individual.

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