X2 Baseball NC FAQ


What kind of results can I expect from your program?

The results of each athlete vary depending on age, body and work ethic. We cannot guarantee results from our program as we cannot train for you. We will guide and use our expertise to provide you with the best opportunity, but at the end of the day, only you are capable of improving yourself.


Aren’t weighted balls dangerous?

Weighted balls are only dangerous if the athlete is not completely prepared or has not been instructed on safe and proper usage. Weighted balls are simply a training tool and should be treated as any other gym equipment, handled with proper form, safety and guidance. 


What does a typical training session look like?

A typical training session usually lasts about 1-2 hours depending on the workload of that particular session. Every session starts with a warm-up and pre-throwing exercises, followed by the athlete's throwing for that day. The session is finished with our post-throwing exercises and a lift. 


How old do I have to be to start training?

We train anyone from age 14 and up. The earlier an athlete starts practicing correct movements, the greater their chance of increasing his or her skill level. However, we do offer a Youth Program for athletes between the ages of 8 and 13.


Do you only train pitchers?

Our training provides arm strength, health and endurance for any position. We tailor the athlete’s program to give them the best chance of success whether they are a pitcher, infielder, outfielder or catcher.


Do you offer housing or transportation?

Currently, we do not provide any housing or transportation for the athletes. It is up to the athlete to proactively look for housing, roommates or a host family. 


How long should I train at X2?

X2’s training program is a long-term process and we recommend that the athlete trains for as long as he or she is able. 


Where should I stay if I am not local to the Charlotte Metro area?

We recommend looking at Airbnb and extended stays in the area. For longer term stays, we recommend looking at rentals in the Concord, Charlotte, or Lake Norman areas. 


How does remote training work?

Remote training runs similar to in-house training except communication is all online through the TRAQ software. Our trainers will be communicating with the athlete through the software daily after he or she completes an assessment. Athletes will get a customized strength and throwing program based on his/her assessment that will be downloaded to the software. Athletes complete the program on his/her own time. Please email us for a list of required equipment to successfully participate in the program. The remote training program is ideal for athletes that want to train in-season or athletes who are not local to the Phoenix area. 


Can I train in-season?

Yes. Our programs are specifically tailored for each athlete whether it is in-season maintenance or off-season strength development.  We base our programs around each athlete’s schedule to provide the best opportunity for growth maintenance and recovery.


How can I sign up for an assessment?

To book an assessment, purchase 'Full Body Assessment' from our store. Our team will reach out to you to schedule an appointment. Assessments are one-on-one, will take approximately one hour to complete and are required for new clients.

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